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The lunar trilogy

Today I witnessed something great. Infact all of us did. All the 7 billion people living on this planet witnessed the phenomenon of the lunar trilogy. How often do we witness this amazing combination of blue moon, super moon and blood moon. One in 150 years.

Moon in its totality (pic taken from YouTube)

Whether or not the dragon really has to do something with the happening of this eclipse, it is something that we really need to appreciate. Last time it happened in 1866 or so. And this isn’t gonna happen in next 150 years. So this was our first and last chance of witnessing the astonishing cosmic event.

Nature does nothing uselessly – Aristotle.

Today I and all of us stand witness to the beautiful opportunity the nature conveyed to us. It came, it happened and it went. It also made us to realise how beautiful this world really is. It showed us how little things change the way we perceive life (like the little shadow which made this all possible).

True is that the universe never fails to amaze and inspire the humans.

When it came out of the eclipse (Image credit: Naiem Ur Rehman)

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