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Why I don’t celebrate V Day?

It is that day of year again. Exchanging roses and heart shaped symbols to express the feelings of love by a person to his/her better half. It is the Valentine Day.

Without going into the history of this day, who Saint Valentine was, or what he did that made this day to be named in honour of him, do we really need a day for the purpose this Valentine’s day serves?

It is that day of year again.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not any anti-love person with bitter thoughts nor am I against the idea of showing the romantic feelings towards the person’s other half. I think it is necessary that we convey our feelings to that ideal person who completes us. But why do it particularly on the 14th of February. What about other 364 days of the year?

When we are in love, we are in love 24×7×365. Every second of our life we care about that person. We love that human being (or whatever it is!) for all times. We are even happy to take a bullet for them, if this means expression of love for that person. We don’t love our partner on this day only, do we?

The notion that we show our feelings to other one on this very day is good. But shouldn’t we do it every day. Do we love our girlfriend/wife/? only on this day? No. We live and love our life with them. We share our daily chores with them. We tell them jokes and make them laugh. We fight and we reconcile, because we feel for them. We make love to them, and this is case not of one day in a year but for the whole year.

Celebrating Valentine Day means that we make our partner expect from us. And expectations are resentments waiting to happen. What if we fail to deliver as per their expectations. We can’t afford to, but we aren’t sure if our partner got her expectations fulfilled. God forbid! Everyone has some unspoken expectations from their significant ones which are rarely voiced, but not everybody is a mind reader. We let our partner down because we made them to expect from us and we weren’t able to do what they wanted from us. We fail and we give rise to these little spaces that may sometimes widen too much. Who knows?

Expectation is the silent killer of relationships.

The concept of this day has been made to feed the capitalist minds. We show love to our partner by getting lavish. Reservations at expensive restaurants and buying flowers, cakes, cookies, and scented candles! It is necessary to do these stuff to convey the epitome of love to our romantic interests. You don’t do these things, you don’t love your partner. It is necessary that we gift stuff to the people we regard as soul-mates, but can’t it be done on 14 January or 14 June for that matter. Why specifically on this date?

The reality is that our minds and hearts too, have been bugged this idea that we ought to send expensive gifts to other person to show them that we indeed love them. Isn’t this a feeder of the capitalistic world. We sell our sentiments and feelings to these big moneybags because everyone else is doing it.

We can show our love and caring for our partner on other days of year too. And we should do it. We can spend some time with them, listen to their nonsensical nonchalant talks that make them glow. We can send flowers on other days too. We can be kind and reliable. We can write a good morning text, or provide them a shoulder when they feel like crying. We can hug them and make them love. These are the things that we should do continuously and not only on 14th February.

Love is more than sending roses.

As Robert Brault said: Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.

It is the time that we start being true partners by really caring and sharing our life with our beloved. Sending flowers and roses on this day is a very little gesture of honesty and thoughtfulness as compared to some above-mentioned things. They may seem tiny in nature but believe me, these are small acts in relationship with big deal.

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Happy Valentine’s Day (pun intended)

You can comment your ideas and opinions in the comment section. I will be looking forwards to your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback. I think this is the best lesson we can teach children. To show love, compassion and sympathy towards each other for all times to come. This is what the world at this time needs. Thanks for your feedback again.
      Happy blogging

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