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When the Humanity bleeds….

Rape: The death of humanity.

Ten years ago
I wanted a sister
A blessing to fill the heart
With love.
A friend with the concern
Whose smile soothes all my pain.
Today a girl, more like my sister
Drugged, molested, raped, strangled
And murdered
She is 8 and 16 and 32
The animals flee free
Protected and endorsed
Laughing at what I wished a decade ago
As I burn effigies and candles
And mourn the death of conscience,
Regret, morality and humanity.
Today it was them,
Tomorrow who knows.
Sister, my love
Today I better not have you
And I am sorry for that
Not that I don’t love you
But because,
I love you so much
That I better die before
These heinous harraser’s……
God forbid

We again fail as a society today when an eight year old child is gang-raped and brutally murdered just to satisfy the animalistic lust. There was Nirbhaya and we demanded an end to all of this and now there is Kathua (& Unnao). In between there have been a lot. Today we demand an end again. But will there be?

As my friend puts out:

Thank you Rashmi for the quote.

Like these birds, from now onwards
My heart wants to be home by the time of sunset.


P.S. 1: This post has been written in the eve of recent rape attacks in Kathua and Unnao. May these victims get the rightful justice as soon as possible, and may there be no more such victims.

P.S. 2: The quote (cropped image) has been taken from YourQuote. The authors profile is here.


43 thoughts on “When the Humanity bleeds….”

  1. Being a fellow citizen of a nation gradually confirming its infamous title of the ‘ rape capital ‘ of the world , I second your views , anguish and pain .
    It is beyond appalling, heartbreaking and soul shaking to see such atrocities occurring in any part of the world, let alone a nation which takes ( false ) pride in the ‘ worship ‘ of its ‘Goddesses’.

    A beautifully worded piece , here’s to praying for a world of safety and peace !

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    1. You are absolutely right in saying that India is taking on its infamous title. Our sisters are least protected in this country.
      This whole episode has been heart-wrenching and painful for all the people. Let’s hope that this shakes our consciousness and makes our morality solid so that we can say that our women folk are safe now.

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    1. 8-летнюю девочку изнасиловали в течение 8 дней, а затем убили. Причастные были ограждены правящей партией. Но теперь этих преступников арестовали. Я предоставил ссылку на тот же самый и другой инцидент изнасилования, который произошел в другой области.

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          1. Девочка – мусульманин, преступники – индуисты. Они просто хотели придать ему общий облик и привлечь людей двух конфессий друг к другу.


  2. The poem deeply highlights your frustration towards it. We raise our heads each time a girl is raped. Many slogans are shouted and many articles written, and soon they are forgotten. Let this not happen anymore… we need to keep the fire burning. Lets join our hands for this cause.

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  3. Gosh powerful stuff, I had no idea of this case living in England and have just read the piece in the Times of India. It’s utterly abhorrent and Heartbreaking, the perpetrators need to be brought to justice, I can not believe this and other atrocities can go on let alone unpunished. Really powerful poem, thanks for bringing this case to my attention.
    On another unrelated thread, are you from Srinagar? I visited there for a week in the depths of winter 1991, we stayed on Lae Dal. It was beautiful but cold

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    1. It is so nice of you to take out time to read and comment. Apart from the Times of India article, there is another Wikipedia entry of another rape case. One can only condemn these heinous crimes as much as possible. We have faith in the judiciary and hope that the culprits are nailed as soon as possible and dealt very strictly.
      Yeah I am from Srinagar. You are right the winters here are very cold and freezing (but isn’t the weather same in England?). Srinagar is also beautiful. I hope you will visit here soon and enjoy the beauty again.

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