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4 May was the last time I posted something on my blog and ever since I disappeared from the blogosphere. My blog came to a standstill and became dormant. While I would have liked to write a short post here and there during these two months, I couldn’t.

The slump in blog stats in recent months

I wanted to take a short break because of my exams. But it turned into a lengthy absence. One who is familiar with the examination pattern of medical colleges of India will surely understand why and how these breaks take everything out of you. These leave you demotivated, drained and desolated. These exams make you too overwhelmed and distort the balance between life, work and blogging. The ideas for new posts disappear and the “why” of the blog seems lost.

But now the time has come to be back to blogging and rediscover the “why”. The time to re-energize and refill the life with all the good things blogging has given me in the past. It is the time to meet the old friends, renew the connections and strengthen the acquaintances. It is time to go through all the amazing and wonderful articles written by fellow bloggers. It is time to be back where I feel sane and grounded. It is time to be myself again.

And I am back to where I belong.

P.S: I feel fresh, I feel great. And officially I am back.



18 thoughts on “Back to Blogging”

  1. welcome back my friend.. I knew that you are busy in exams..and our community also was looking forward your come back!! we even renamed to Pencliff and reached 22 Authors and 100 plus views a day!! and we are doing great.. happy to read your blog and posts!!

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      1. Thanks again for being with us,,,in fact few were removed cos of inactive state..may be 4 people..but many new others joined..and they are really good writers..just have look when you have time..authors are listed on the right side of the blog

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    1. взгляды снизились за последние 3 месяца. но до этого мой блог был довольно активным. Надеюсь, он вернется туда, где раньше. у вас также будет много просмотров в один прекрасный день

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