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A Tribute

The flower.
Blossomed along with others in the garden.
Beautiful, colourful and scented,
Full of vigor and life.
Making everything around you lovely and lively.

The bees.
Mustering the nectar of life from you
Had it not been, we would cease to be
You showed us the spirit of life
Living not for the self but for others.

Now, you were plucked for heavens.
We won’t be disappointed
Because in us you live and flourish
Everywhere we fly we spread the love
You incurred in us.
We are your messengers of love.


PS 1: This poem has been written as a tribute to the teacher who left for the heavenly abode some days back. We will miss you sir.

PS 2: Have you lost someone dear in your life. Tell us in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “A Tribute”

    1. Thank you Sana for your kind words.
      It is so sad to hear about your loss. Isn’t it tragic. I read your post about your dad and it felt kind of heartbreaking to read these posts. I could feel you missing your dad in these posts.


      1. Yes.. but it’s life… death is also a part of it.. and I would have been more sad if he was ill or not well.. but death is something which takes you to another world not to danger world… I’m praying for his good hereafter.. so I’m calm and at peace.. but missing him

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        1. You are right Sana. Death is an inevitable truth that we can’t turn our backs to. All we can do is to pray for those who left the heavenly adobe before us. May Allah grant them the highest place in Jannat.


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