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The Moves

To whom this blog may concern.

It was the year 2016, winter season probably. We had dinner with a delicious chicken (a rarity in hostels) and few Mountain Dew bottles. It used to be one of the best evenings where we would eat to our stomach full, listen to the songs and tell jokes and laugh till our eyes filled with tears. It is kinda usual for me to fling my arms up in air in these situations and do a terrible dance apt to the terrible dancer that I am. These are personal moments when you are the real you and would never like to be broadcasted out in the world (if you think like me). The fling, the hurl, the careless giggle, the occasional pulling up of trouser, the incoherent moves, the uncharming dance was captured by my friend in his phone, total to my unknowing.

It was uploaded and seen by one and all. The common sense prevailed and was removed from the internet. Now after some two years it was again uploaded on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. This time more delicately edited and tik tok-ed. And it was seen again by everyone.

Was I offended? I would say, probably.

Will it affect me? It certainly could.

Do I care? Ofcourse I do.

So I decided to do nothing and let the time take its own course. Because that is the best thing that I could think of. The cyber laws certainly empower me to have my privacy secured, but that is far from plausible. I could have pleaded to not have the dance video being uploaded but I don’t see a reason how the video wouldn’t be circulated if not uploaded. Or I won’t care and that way was the most feasible way for me. Let me explain.

I know some of you might be all confused and scratching their heads what this is all about. The thing is that you may have seen me dancing the hilarious way on any social network site or will see in coming days (except if internet sites think my video violates their terms and conditions and have got it removed by now). For those who won’t see, just that it is not pleasant to see it being circulated like that. Back to the explanation.

I don’t see a malicious intent while my video was posted on various sites. Ofcourse it was just for the purpose of a joke and joke is all this is. I also don’t see it affecting me any way (it has already been seen, remember). Yeah, tik tok thing was too much. Still there is nothing at leverage here. Now that this is a laughing stock among my friends and their friends, it would do me more harm than good if I have it removed. Because when we laugh at others it is because of ‘Schadenfraeude’ phenomenon. It means we derive amusement by seeing others suffer, as it makes us feel better about our own miseries and inadequacies.

But laughing at others doesn’t intrinsically reduce their utility, rather, it is the reaction to being made fun of that reduces their own utility (as per This, of course, does not justify what was done. Every bad action is only “bad” due to people’s reactions to them. It can be bad when they make fun of you causing other people to lose respect for you. But then they could spread that information even when they’re not making fun of you. So the only way that was plausible for me was to ignore and let it be as it is. After all I don’t see any harm being done to me.

The dance is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter how bad the moves are. I don’t see a way of being blackmailed or my career being at stake just because someone saw me dancing on his Facebook profile. The world won’t stop because I was dancing to a bollywood song two years ago. The judgements will be passed, I will be laughed at, comments will be written. And I am totally cool with that. Because it says more about the character of person laughing at me than it does about me. Yeah, I could have learnt a few dance moves but it is nothing I need to be embarrassed about.

For those who think the video shouldn’t have been posted on internet, you could help me by spreading the word about this blog. Share this post wherever you can.

And for those who were a reason of me writing this blog, redeem yourself by sharing the blog. That will make me happy.

Yours truly.


Walk the Talk and Dance the Tango. Written for the sake of writing. No bad intentions meant.