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My heart won't believe. It doesn't want to.But then I knowHow malicious they are. I know the extent they will goJust to satisfy their egoOr maybe see us in agony and pain.I don't want to believeBut I can't help but rememberThe dance of death, the rapes and the torturesThe maimings and interrogations.How could I not… Continue reading #Kashmir

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A Tribute

You The flower. Blossomed along with others in the garden. Beautiful, colourful and scented, Full of vigor and life. Making everything around you lovely and lively. We The bees. Mustering the nectar of life from you Had it not been, we would cease to be You showed us the spirit of life Living not for… Continue reading A Tribute

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The Weak Twig

The weak twigFell onto groundAs it splitFrom the main branchLeaving a scarBehind as the markIt was all vulnerableSo, it sufferedThe ultimate truthTo get fracturedAnd crushed and grazedIt could not resistThe gentle windWhat didn't hurtOther fellows at allWho were strong and robustThey opposed the moveUnlike the oneThat had yellow leavesToo old to be usedMaking it all… Continue reading The Weak Twig