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Tough Love

No. It is nothing like books Or the fairy tales. The face never glows as though moon. Or the lyrics don't turn romantic Her head never finds my shoulder When she tells a story of her childhood And the pimple on the chubby cheek Makes her look no more beautiful. The sound of laughter is… Continue reading Tough Love

love, Poems, romance

The hypnagogic jerk.

You are to me like The evening nap After a meal on a rainy day The sweet sleep When everything falls aloof And reality seems distant Far from chaos and confusion Living the utopian dreams I wish to continue forever Or maybe a little longer But it doesn't For there is a shake The hypnagogic… Continue reading The hypnagogic jerk.

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Limerence defines limerence as a state of mind resulting from romantic attraction, characterized by feelings of euphoria, the desire to have one's feeling reciprocated, etc. Commonly known as crush, puppy love or infatuation this is one of the commonest feelings encountered in the adolescence period. Everybody got crush on someone, sometime in their teenage life.… Continue reading Limerence