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When the Humanity bleeds….

Ten years ago I wanted a sister A blessing to fill the heart With love. A friend with the concern Whose smile soothes all my pain. . . . . . Today a girl, more like my sister Drugged, molested, raped, strangled And murdered She is 8 and 16 and 32 The animals flee free… Continue reading When the Humanity bleeds….

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As promised, the Q&A post

Thank you guys for all the congratulatory wishes on my last post. It was heartening to look at your responses. I also got many questions and here in this post I have tried to answer them as honestly as I could. Following are the questions you asked and my answers. 1. Leo Lazada asks: What… Continue reading As promised, the Q&A post

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Why should we care about Syria?

Syria lies about 3600 kilometres away from Srinagar and as such it is highly likely to alienate ourselves from the crisis that has been happening in Syria from 2011. But being a native of war-prone area and the increased globalisation of world doesn't let the alienation take place. First of all, let's not go into… Continue reading Why should we care about Syria?

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Falling in Love the Second time

The first love of life. Who doesn't remember his/her first love of life? We make a big deal of our first things in life. First glances, first dates and other firsts. Like all of our firsts, first love is special and important for every person. There is so much emphasis on one's first love. Movies… Continue reading Falling in Love the Second time

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The Versatile Blogger Award

OK, let’s start! First, I wholeheartedly thank lovely Kayla who nominated me for this award. It was a really exciting experience for me. I was flabbergasted when I saw her comment about my nomination for this award. Kayla has a beautiful blog, where she writes about the mama stuff. I highly recommend checking her blog.… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award

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Why I don’t celebrate V Day?

It is that day of year again. Exchanging roses and heart shaped symbols to express the feelings of love by a person to his/her better half. It is the Valentine Day. Without going into the history of this day, who Saint Valentine was, or what he did that made this day to be named in… Continue reading Why I don’t celebrate V Day?

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My first post on Medium!

Hurray! I made my first post on Medium. Finally. Even though I made my Medium account before I made my blog, but till now I just used to post on WordPress. You may ask me if I have got blog, why Medium? Because it is a platform for sharing the stories. Reading and writing the… Continue reading My first post on Medium!