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The Farmer Protests

A farmer has no enemies, so they say. But that doesn't seem to be the case in India of 2021. Here the farmers have been labelled as terrorists, anti-nationals, Khalistani, paid-agents. Anything but a friend. Let's not get into the politics of all this lest "someone" comes knocking at my door. But not being unknown… Continue reading The Farmer Protests

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6 Years and 1000+

To follow me on twitter, click here. A few days before I completed 6 years of blogging and it has been a journey full of experiences and fun. April 2014 I was just browsing through the internet when I accidentally came along the WordPress website and I knew right there what I was looking for.… Continue reading 6 Years and 1000+

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The Dangerous Rhetoric

Markandey Katju said once, that 90% of Indians are idiots. Could he be any more right? At the time when I am writing this article, there are people out there on their balconies who think that lighting diyyas & flashing lights will help India get rid of coronavirus. It may be sounded and presented as… Continue reading The Dangerous Rhetoric

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Stay Safe.

We will get control over it eventually, we better. What it is, how it spreads, the epidemiology and all the technicalities of this dreadly Coronavirus, most of what we have already understood. The scientists are busy in looking for the medications and the vaccines to combat this menace. The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly and as… Continue reading Stay Safe.

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The Orwellian Times

The Kashmiri is picked out of the crowd and specifically fired upon. Just because he was there to show his dissent for the govt's policies for which he is totally entitled to. The dissent which is the highest form of patriotism in an ideal world. But here, he is an anti-national, a terrorist, a threat.… Continue reading The Orwellian Times

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The Half Condolences

Heart wrenching. Agonizing. Deplorable. Grievous. Saddening. There are a lot of words to describe the events that took place in Pulwama district of Kashmir yesterday. No matter who it is, the loss of a life is always mournful. Condemnations flowed from every part of the world and rightly so. No state on earth would like… Continue reading The Half Condolences